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Water Atomization Equipment

The water atomization equipment uses high-pressure water as a medium to atomize metal liquid into powder particles, so as to produce various metal powders.


Water atomization equipment is widely used in producing atomized iron powder, copper powder, stainless steel powder and other non-ferrous metal powders. It can produce different particle size range of powder by adjusting the process.


The water atomization equipment uses high-pressure water as a medium to atomize metal liquid into powder particles, so as to produce various metal powders.


Because water is more viscous than gas and has a strong cooling capacity, water atomization is particularly suitable for producing metals and alloy powders with higher melting points, as well as irregular powders with good compressibility.

Water atomization equipment is a kind of powder manufacturing equipment with low production cost, simple process flow and it’s easy to master technology.

Main Functions

We can provide 10~1000 kg class high pressure water atomization equipment, for producing iron based powder, nickel based powder, copper based powder, silver based powder and other alloy powders. The water atomization equipment can be customized according to the special requirements of customer as well.

The metal powder produced by water atomization is irregular in shape and has high oxygen content. The oxygen content of powder needs to be reduced by deoxygenation reduction process.

Technical Parameter

High-pressure water  pressure (MPa)0-100
High-pressure water flow(L/min )50-800
Load weight(Kg)30501003005001000
Highest smelting temperature (℃)1750
Smelt heating power (KW)50100160300400600
Temperature measuring methodInfrared thermometer, WRe5.26
Tundish heating power (KW)20-45
Power supplyThree phases, 380V, 50Hz
Cooling water deviceAir cooling tower, water cooling unit, heat exchanger
Control modeIndustrial control computer or PLC
Operation interfaceTouch-tone or Touch-screen
Data recording12 data curve records, LCD monitor display
Overall dimension(L x W x H)mm7500x4000x65007500x4200x65008200x5200x65009200x6500x65009500x4500x650010000x7000x6500


Water atomization equipment is mainly composed of melting system, atomization system, high pressure water system, tundish system, discharge system, control system and so on.


The atomizer is the key component of water atomizing powder making equipment. The design of atomizer is related to the pulverizing efficiency of metal powder. In the traditional high-pressure water atomization process, metal powder can be continuously collected, but a small amount of metal powder is lost with atomized water. This part of metal powder can be recovered through multi-level precipitation, filtration and other recovery measures, by doing this can minimize the loss of metal powder.

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