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Vacuum Suspension Melting Gas Atomization Equipment


The vacuum suspension melting gas atomization technology is widely used in producing powders as below.

① active metals and alloys powder

② metals and alloys with particularly high purity requirements

③ refractory metals and alloys with melting points close to and over 2000℃

④ special alloys and intermetallic compounds

⑤ material research work which has high requirements for material purity, composition accuracy and uniformity, and expects to eliminate impurities and other element interference; alloys and intermetallic compounds which are in difficult developing ;

⑥ Reduce the content of non-metallic slag in the powder during the atomization process.

By adjusting the process, different particle size ranges of powder can be obtained. 


The working principle of vacuum suspension melting gas atomization equipment: under the condition of vacuum or gas protection, metal materials are melted by water-cooled copper crucible suspension melting technology. Molten metal passes through the insulation tundish crucible, restrictor tube and high-pressure gas atomizer. High-speed gas jet broke and atomize molten liquid into a large number of fine droplets. Droplets are solidified into spherical powder particles under the action of surface tension during deposition and cooling.


The vacuum suspension melting gas atomizing powder production equipment can prepare most of the metal and its alloy powders which can not be made by water atomization or vacuum melting gas atomization method, and the solidification can overcome the segregation phenomenon. This equipment meets the preparation requirements of many special alloy powders.


Vacuum suspension melting gas atomization technology has the following advantages:

① High fineness of powder: gas atomization powder can prepare metal powder with high fineness and high specific surface area, which is suitable for making high-performance and high-quality powder materials.

② Uniform composition: metal powder produced by the vacuum suspension melting gas atomization technology is with uniform and accurate chemical composition.

③ High production efficiency: the production efficiency of the vacuum suspension melting gas atomization technology is higher than that of traditional powder production technology, and the production efficiency can be further improved through the optimization of process parameters, so that the powder size can reach the required range and meet the needs of different fields.

④ The melting and atomization process are carried out in the vacuum or inert gas environment, so oxygen content and impurity content in the powder can be reduced, and purity of the powder can be improved.

⑤ Contamination to the melting pool caused by the crucible material is eliminated. The vacuum suspension melting gas atomization technology can produce powder with particularly high purity, very uniform and accurate composition.

⑥ The limitation of the melting temperature of the crucible material is eliminated, and the melting temperature of more than 3000℃ can be obtained under the condition of induction melting.

Main Functions

We can provide 1-50kg class vacuum suspension melting gas atomization equipment. 

Technical Parameter

Pressure of high-pressure gas(MPa)0-7
Flow of high-pressure gas(m³/h )500-3000
Load weight(以钛计,Kg )12102050
Maximum melting temperature (℃)≥2000
Melting heating power(KW)120180250400600
Vacuum degree6.7x10-1Pa(The vacuum degree can be customized according to user requirements)
Leakage rate5Pa/h
Temperature measurement methodInfrared thermometer
Tundish heating power(KW)20-100
Power supplyThree phases, 380V, 50Hz
Cooling water deviceAir cooling tower, water cooling unit, heat exchanger
Control modeIndustrial control computer or PLC
Operating interfaceTouch-tone or Touch-screen
Data recording12 data curve records, LCD monitor display


The vacuum suspension melting gas atomization powder production equipment is mainly composed of vacuum suspension melting system, atomization system, high-pressure gas system, tundish system, discharge system, control system. 

Optional Supporting Equipment

1. Atomizing gas heating device.

2. CCD video surveillance system (to observe equipment operation status in time).

3. On-line laser particle size monitoring system.

4. Online oxygen content monitoring system.

5. Atomization pressure difference controlling system.

6. Fluid limiting diversion tube heating system.

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