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Vacuum Oil Quenching Gas Cooling Furnace

The vacuum oil quenching gas cooling process is to change the structure and properties of the metal by rapidly immersing the metal workpiece in the quenching oil and cooling it quickly.


Vacuum oil quenching heat treatment means that the metal workpiece is placed in the vacuum oil quenching gas cooling furnace, heated to a certain temperature, quickly immersed in the preheated quenching oil for rapid cooling, and then the workpiece is taken out from the oil tank and stays in the gas cooling chamber. Vacuum oil quenching heat treatment is a common heat treatment process for metal, which is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, machining and other fields. 


The vacuum oil quenching gas cooling process is to change the structure and properties of the metal by rapidly immersing the metal workpiece in the quenching oil and cooling it quickly. In the cooling process in quenching oil, due to low thermal conductivity of oil, cooling speed of the metal workpiece surface is slower, and the internal cooling speed is faster, forming an uneven cooling process, thus forming a hardened structure.


Our vacuum oil quenching gas cooling furnace has the following advantages.

① The furnace body adopts a compact two-chamber structure, the overall layout is reasonable, and the space occupied is saved.

② Integral heated furnace, the internal feeding device adopts superimposed overall structure, material transfer smoothly through frequency conversion and speed regulation.

③ Unique gas cooling mode, built-in diversion duct, strong uniform airflow making the cooling speed fast.

④ Equipped with efficient external quenching oil cooling circulation system, oil cooling speed is fast.

⑤ The volume of the oil tank is large, many oil discharge guide nozzles are arranged in the tank. When the oil is sprayed, there is severe oil convection and turbulence in the tank, which can meet the quenching requirements of the larger workpiece.

⑥ The vacuum degree and gas cooling pressure in the furnace can be adjusted and controlled to meet the different needs of various materials.

⑦ Simple operation, flexible programming process input, stable and reliable mechanical action, manual / automatic no interference switching, automatic fault alarm / display.

Technical Parameter

Rated load  (kg)50100200300500
Maximum furnace temperature (℃)1320
Temperature uniformity (℃)≤±5
Rated power (kw)5090120150180
Rated supply voltage (V)380
Ultimate vacuum degree (Pa)≤6.67 (Empty furnace in cold state. The vacuum degree can be customized according to user requirements.)
Vacuum pressure rise rate (Pa/24h)≤50
Gas quenching pressure (Bar)<2
Working area size (mm)300×300×300300×300×500400×400×600500×500×700600×600×900


Vacuum oil quenching gas cooling furnace is mainly composed of vacuum furnace body, vacuum system, air cooling system, water cooling system, inflation system, control system, etc. 


At present, the application of vacuum oil quenching technology is less and less. Vacuum oil quenching can obtain bright surface and reasonable performance. Compared with gas quenching, it is easy to obtain high toughness and strength because of the fast cooling speed of oil. Oil quenching is suitable for large workpiece with quenching temperature below 1000℃ and small workpiece with relatively high hardenability. Vacuum quenching oil has the following requirements:

(1) Low steam pressure, not volatile.

(2) Less impurities and carbon residue, low acid value.

(3) Low critical pressure, good cooling performance.

(4) Good thermal stability, good anti-aging performance and long service life.

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