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Vacuum Induction Suspension Melting Furnace

Vacuum induction suspension melting furnace is a kind of high efficiency and high quality melting equipment, which is widely used in metallurgy, ceramic chemical industry and so on.


Vacuum induction suspension melting furnace is a kind of high efficiency and high quality melting equipment, which is widely used in metallurgy, ceramic chemical industry and so on.

Induction heating is a process that uses electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into heat energy. In the vacuum induction suspension melting furnace, the high-frequency current passes through the induction coil to generate a high-frequency magnetic field. The metal material is placed in the magnetic field to generate an induced current, that is, eddy current. Eddy current generates heat inside the metal material, causing the material to quickly heat up to a molten state.


Our vacuum induction suspension melting furnace has the following advantages.

① It is not easy to be oxidized: There is no impurities such as oxygen and water in the high temperature and high vacuum conditions, so the oxidation and pollution to the material can be effectively avoided, and product quality is improved.

② Precise control of the composition: Control the motion of the melt and the degree of melting through the electromagnetic field, so as to accurately control the alloy chemical composition, melting degree, crystal structure and other factors, the high-quality alloy materials can be obtained.

③ Reduce grain size and impurities: The melting process of the material is carried out in a non-gravity state, so it can effectively reduce the grain boundary energy, make the grain size and shape more uniform, and also reduce the content of impurities and gases.

④ Fast heating speed: The induction heating process is mainly realized by means of electromagnetic induction diathermy and heat transmission, which can heat the material to the expected temperature in a very short time.

⑤ The pollution of the crucible material to the melting pool is avoided, and the material with high purity, very uniform and accurate composition can be prepared;

⑥ The limitation of the melting temperature caused by the crucible material is eliminated, and the melting temperature of more than 3000℃ can be obtained under the induction melting condition.

Technical Parameter

Load weight(calculated by Ti material, Kg )12102050
Max. Melting temperature ℃≥2000
Melting heating power (KW)120180250400600
Vacuum degree6.7x10-1Pa(The vacuum degree can be customized according to user requirements.)
Leakage rate5Pa/h
Temperature measurement methodInfrared
Power supplythree-phase 380V 50Hz
Cooling water deviceAir cooling tower, water cooling unit, heat exchanger
Control modeIndustrial control computer or PLC
Operating interfaceTouch-tone or Touch-screen
Data recording12 data curve records, LCD monitor display


Vacuum induction suspension melting furnace is mainly composed of vacuum furnace body, water-cooled copper crucible, induction heater, IGBT medium frequency power supply, vacuum system, water cooling system, control system, and so on. 

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Vacuum induction suspension melting furnace

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