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Vacuum Directional Solidification Furnace

The vacuum directional solidification furnace is mainly used for the production of silver, nickel, iron and cobalt based ultra-high temperature alloys. High quality products made from these alloys are widely used in the industries of aviation turbine engine, automotive, biomedical, chemicals, etc.


The working principle of the vacuum directional solidification furnace is that the metal is melted by medium frequency induction or resistance heating under vacuum conditions, guided by the traction mechanism, and directional solidification by the specially designed crystallizer. Metals with a single directional crystal structure can be produced by this method, and these metal parts have special mechanical properties.


Our vacuum directional solidification furnace has the following advantages.

① Automatic operation (automatic adjustment of vacuum, temperature, solidification rate, flow rate, etc.).

② Real-time alarm, automatic judgment and treatment after alarm.

③ The remote diagnostic assistance system can be upgraded.

④ Three-dimensional design, integrated design of cooling water, furnace body and pump group pipeline.

⑤ Adopt frequency conversion speed regulating motor to accurately control the fixed mode lifting.

Technical Parameter

Capacity (based on steel)5KG10KG25KG50KG100KG
Pressure rising rate≤0.67Pa/h
Ultimate vacuum degree6.67×10-3Pa
Working vacuum degree6.67×10-2Pa
Input power supply3 phase, 380±10%, 50Hz
Output frequency4000Hz2500Hz
Device total power35kVA100kVA240kVA280kVA
Output voltage375V
Highest working temperature1700℃
Equipment total mass (calculated value)3t3.5t4t5t8t
Cooling water consumption2.1m3/h2.4m3/h2.7m3/h3.6m3/h4.8m3/h


The vacuum directional solidification furnace is composed of melting system, furnace body, vacuum system, charging system, ingot casting mold room, control system and so on.

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Vacuum Directional Solidification Furnace

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