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Vacuum Brazing Furnace


Vacuum brazing refers to heating of the workpiece in a vacuum chamber, which is mainly used for the welding of products requiring high quality and easily oxidized materials.


Vacuum brazing furnace is a kind of high temperature heating equipment, mainly used for brazing and heat treatment of metal materials. The heating principle is to use high temperature heating in a vacuum environment to make the metal material meet the temperature requirements of brazing or heat treatment.

Vacuum brazing furnace is mainly used in aluminum brazing, copper brazing, stainless steel brazing for aircraft parts, automobile parts, electronic communication parts, household appliances, heat exchangers and various radiators.


Our vacuum brazing furnace has the following advantages.

① Single room, internal heating, cold wall, horizontal or vertical structure, the overall layout of the furnace is compact and reasonable.

② The heating chamber adopts multi-zone temperature control to ensure strict requirements for temperature uniformity of the furnace.

③  Reasonable designed heat shield ensure high thermal efficiency in the furnace.

④ The vacuum system is equipped with a special condensing filter device to eliminate the pollution of flux steam to the vacuum pump group.

⑤ The equipped inflation device can fill protective gas or working gas to the furnace, with adjustable inflation flow.

⑥ It is equipped with internal circulation cooling device, which can accelerate the cooling of materials in the furnace, shorten the working cycle, and improve product quality and work efficiency. 

Technical Parameter

Rated Load (kg)50100200300500
Maximum furnace temperature (℃)1350
Temperature uniformity (℃)≤±5
Rated power (kw)5090120150180
Rated supply voltage (V)380
Ultimate vacuum degree (Pa)≤6.67 (Empty furnace in cold state. The vacuum degree can be customized according to user requirements.)
Vacuum pressure rise rate (Pa/24h)≤50
Working area size (mm)300×300×300300×300×500400×400×600500×500×700600×600×900


Vacuum brazing furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, heating system, vacuum system, water cooling system, inflation system, control system, etc. 


Vacuum brazing is a solid phase connection, which is different from the fusion welding method. Compared with the fusion welding method, the vacuum brazing process has the following advantages:

1) The vacuum brazing heating temperature is low, which has little influence on the structure and properties of the base metal;

2) The brazing head of vacuum brazing is smooth and beautiful appearance;

3) Vacuum brazing deformation is small;

4) Vacuum brazing is with high productivity. Dozens or hundreds of brazing joints can be welded at one time by this method.

5) Vacuum brazing can realize the connection of dissimilar metals or alloys, metals and non-metals.

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Vacuum Brazing Furnaceheat treatment furnace

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