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Pusher Reduction / Sintering Furnace

Pusher reduction / sintering furnace is a continuous working special equipment for powder metallurgy, mainly used in reduction of various metal oxides, also can be used in calcination of various salts and sintering of powder metallurgy.


Pusher reduction / sintering furnace can be used for reducing copper powder, tungsten powder, molybdenum powder and other metal powder, can also be used for sintering iron, copper based products, magnetic materials, cemented carbide products and other powder metallurgy products. 


Our pusher reduction / sintering furnace has the following advantages:

① The heating elements are distributed on the upper and lower sides of the muffle furnace, and the integrated furnace structure is adopted, which is very convenient for installation and maintenance. 

② The closed-loop control system composed of digital display intelligent PID regulator and thyristor can realize automatic and accurate temperature control.

③ Muffle furnace tube which is with optimized design and long service life, has single tube, double tube, multi-tube form.

④ Intermittent feed in and out, good sealing performance, low gas consumption.

Technical Parameter

Rated heating temperature (℃)1150℃(The temperature depends on the muffle material and heating element)
Size of furnace tube in heating area (mm) (W x H)250x100360x160480x180
Capacity (KG/H)35-4580-120150-200
Rated heating power (KW)80120180
Gas consumption (Nm³/H)101520
Rated supply voltage (V)380V
Heating element material High temperature resistance wire / silicon carbon rod
Temperature control modePID+SCR
Push modePneumatic, electric or hydraulic
Cooling modeSlow cooling + water jacket cooling
Overall dimension (approx.) mm (W x H x L)1750x1650x140001850x1750x175002200x1750x18500


The pusher reduction / sintering furnace is composed of furnace body, charging boat push device, protective atmosphere control system and temperature control system, etc. The working area is mainly divided into six areas: charging area, preheating area, high temperature reduction / sintering area, slow cooling area, water cooling area and discharging area.

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