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Ammonia Decomposition Furnace

The mixed gas generated is mainly used as protection atmosphere in powder metallurgy reduction, sintering, metal heat treatment, electronics, chemistry industry and ceramics. Because of low cost of gas generating, this series of ammonia decomposition generator is specially suitable to be used as accessory equipment of industries mentioned above.


This series of ammonia decomposition generator is composed by decomposition machine, purifier and electric control system. This machine decomposes ammonia into a kind of mixed gas which includes 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen. 

Technical Parameter

Rated gas output(Nm3/h)510203040
Rated ammonia consumption (kg/h)2.04.081216
Rated heating power of generator (kw)612293950
Rated heating power of purifier (kw)246810
Rated furnace temperature of generator(°C) ≤800
Recycling heating temperature of purifier(°C)250
Rated power voltage (V)380
Dew point of gas purified(°C)≤-60
Remnant ammonia content of gas purified (PPM)≤10
Catalyzer                                                     Nickel catalyst


1. Small investment

2. Reliable performance and long service life

3. Heating element

4. Thermal insulation material

5. Electrical control

6. Depressurization system

7. Purification system

8. Simple installation

9. Easy operation and  maintenance

10. High safety

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